Friday, 21 April 2017

FO: Pj's for me

Some time ago, when visiting friends, I realised that the ancient rtw pyjamas I was wearing were actually not really worth wearing. Fortunately I realised this before exposing myself in an embarrassing way, but resolved to make myself some new pj's when I got home. 

I knew which fabrics I wanted to use, The plain slightly crinkley purple jersey I got from the first ever sewing meet up I went to back in 2012 and the stripey patterned fabric I got at a fabric swap meet-up in London last summer.  I had offered Eldest and Youngest pjs using these but neither seemed that bothered so I thought I would use it myself.

I used the true Bias Hudson Pants pattern for the trousers. I have made this several times already and didn't have any problems putting them together. The top was a pattern taken from a rtw top from H&M, which I have used a couple of times before. Fitting it on the fabric was a bit tricky as I didn't have a huge amount and I wanted the stripes to match as much as possible. I just about managed to to it as you can see here:
In order to fit the pieces, I felt I needed to slim down the sides of the top, but looking at this lay out it looks like that was unnecessary. I also used the stripey fabric as a contrast on the trousers.
After I had finished, I gave the pj set a final press and some how managed to slightly melt the waist band of the trousers, pretty much at centre front:
The melted waist band isn't noticeable when I wear them, but I'm guessing the fabric isn't the 100% cotton that I thought it was!

I wasn't sure about them straight after I had finished them, but now I really like them!